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Beachwood Brewing is a renowned craft brewery located in Long Beach, California. Founded in 2011 by Gabe Gordon and his wife Lena Perelman, Beachwood Brewing quickly gained recognition for its dedication to producing high-quality, flavorful beers. The brewery's commitment to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients and innovative brewing techniques has earned it numerous awards and accolades in the craft beer industry.

Beachwood Brewing is known for its diverse range of beer styles, including hop-forward IPAs, rich stouts, crisp lagers, and sour ales. Some of their flagship beers include the "Amalgamator" IPA, "Mocha Machine" Imperial Coffee Chocolate Porter, and "Foam Top" Cream Ale.

In addition to its main brewery and tasting room in Long Beach, Beachwood operates a second location, Beachwood Blendery, which focuses on producing wild and sour ales through traditional barrel-aging and blending methods.

The brewery's commitment to quality, innovation, and community involvement has solidified its reputation as one of California's premier craft breweries. Whether you're a seasoned beer enthusiast or a casual drinker, Beachwood Brewing offers a welcoming atmosphere and an exceptional lineup of handcrafted beers to enjoy.

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