Collection: Blackened

Blackened Whiskey is a unique collaboration between the late Metallica bassist Cliff Burton and the craft distillery Sweet Amber Distilling Co. The whiskey is crafted using a blend of straight bourbons and ryes sourced from various distilleries across the United States. What sets Blackened Whiskey apart is its innovative aging process, which involves subjecting the barrels to a playlist of Metallica's music during the finishing stage.

This process, called "Black Noise," involves playing low-frequency soundwaves through the barrels, which agitate the whiskey and interact with its molecules, purportedly enhancing the aging process and imparting unique flavor characteristics. The whiskey is aged for an undisclosed period before being bottled at a proof of 90 or 99.

Blackened Whiskey is known for its smoothness, complexity, and subtle notes of caramel, vanilla, oak, and spice. It has gained popularity not only among Metallica fans but also among whiskey enthusiasts seeking something distinctive and bold. The packaging of Blackened Whiskey often features Metallica-inspired artwork and branding, further tying it to the iconic band's legacy.