Collection: Cadenhead

Founded in Aberdeen in 1842 by William Cadenhead, Cadenhead's Whisky stands as a venerable institution in Scotland's illustrious whisky industry. What began as a modest venture has evolved into Scotland's oldest independent bottler of whisky, now nestled within the historic Springbank Distillery in Campbeltown, a picturesque coastal town in southwest Scotland.

Through the decades, Cadenhead's has remained dedicated to its craft, meticulously selecting and bottling some of the finest whiskies Scotland has to offer. Their commitment to quality and tradition is evident in their meticulous sourcing process, which involves acquiring new-make spirit destined for aging within the hallowed halls of Springbank Distillery. Additionally, they procure older whiskies, often up to a decade in age, which are typically aged at their respective distilleries.

Notably, all single malt releases bear the hallmark of authenticity, being bottled without the addition of coloring agents and presented at cask strength. This dedication to preserving the integrity of the whisky ensures that each dram encapsulates the essence of its origins, offering enthusiasts an unparalleled tasting experience.

Beyond whisky, Cadenhead's boasts a diverse portfolio, including blended whiskies under the William Cadenhead brand, as well as selections from other esteemed whisky-producing regions such as Ireland, Canada, and beyond. Their offerings extend to gin, Cognac, and an extensive array of rums, many of which are aged to perfection in the storied surroundings of Campbeltown.

Under the stewardship of its parent company, J. & A. Mitchell, Cadenhead's remains deeply intertwined with Campbeltown's rich distilling heritage. As part of this illustrious lineage, alongside the revered Springbank and the recently revitalized Glengyle-Kilkerran distillery, Cadenhead's continues to uphold its legacy as a purveyor of exceptional spirits, cherished by aficionados and connoisseurs alike across the globe.