Collection: Casa San Matias

Casa San Matías stands as an emblem of tradition and excellence in the realm of artisanal tequila craftsmanship. With roots tracing back to 1886 in the heart of Jalisco, Mexico, this esteemed brand has woven its legacy through generations of master distillers, each dedicated to preserving the essence of Mexico's most beloved spirit.

Founded by Don Delfino González in the quaint town of Magdalena, Casa San Matías was born from a passion for perfection and a commitment to honoring age-old techniques. Steeped in heritage, the brand's journey began with humble beginnings, cultivating blue agave with meticulous care and transforming it into liquid gold through time-honored distillation methods.

Over the decades, Casa San Matías has evolved into a paragon of tequila craftsmanship, blending tradition with innovation to produce a portfolio of exceptional spirits. From the smooth complexity of their añejos to the vibrant character of their blancos, each expression bears the hallmark of quality that has become synonymous with the Casa San Matías name.

Guided by a reverence for the land and a dedication to sustainable practices, Casa San Matías remains steadfast in its commitment to preserving the essence of tequila while embracing the spirit of progress. With every sip, connoisseurs embark on a journey through centuries of tradition, indulging in the rich flavors and cultural heritage encapsulated within each bottle of Casa San Matías tequila.