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Bardstown Bourbon Company Founders Brewing Kbs Stout Finish Bourbon Whiskey

Bardstown Bourbon Company Founders Brewing Kbs Stout Finish Bourbon Whiskey

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Premium Bourbon meets premium Beer. They have a premium Baby.

Bardstown Bourbon Company is an amazing thing to behold. It is a remarkable facility recently expanded to produce six million proof gallons of Spirit per year — making it one of the largest distilleries in the world. But it is also a gleaming, modern building with sharp edges, having some of the most advanced technology for great Whiskey-making.

Founded in 2013 with production hitting full stride in 2015, they started by filling their rickhouses with sourced Spirits to support their construction. With massive amounts of product pre-sold out into the future, they are the central production for dozens of famous brands — including Jefferson’s, High West, James E. Pepper, and many more. But they carve out a selection to release under their own brand as well.

Bardstown Bourbon Company Founders KBS Aged Stout Barrel Finish is their limited-editioncollaboration with Michigan’s Founders Brewing Co. It takes their 10 Year Old Tennessee Bourbon and leaves it to rest for 15 months in KBS Stout Barrels. A Bourbon barrel-aged chocolate coffee stout, KBS often makes it to the list of the best Beers in the country. The final dram is rich and complex with cocoa, roasted malt, dark chocolate, hazelnut, orange peel, and black cherry wrapping around your mouth at 110 proof.A more than worthy addition for your home bar.

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