Booker Noe's Kentucky Straight Bourbon #C-E-15-84

Booker Noe&

Booker Noe's Kentucky Straight Bourbon #C-E-15-84

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An old, rare early example of Booker's bourbon. The Booker's small batch label produced by Jim beam was not officially launched until 1988, but this bottle predates this. 

Prior to the official launch, Booker Noe, Jim Beam Master Distiller and grandson to the eponymous patriarch, would select these single barrel bottlings for family and friends during holiday periods. The Booker's brand is a subsidiary of Jim Beam and was named after former master distiller, Booker Noe. His son Fred is now the current master distiller and is on record as having said, "if you’re drinking Booker’s, you better have your pajamas on!” Jim Beam have two distilleries in Kentucky where they produce their bourbon, but Booker's is the only brand produced exclusively at one of them; the Boston Road plant, now also known as the Booker Noe distillery.

This whiskey has been aged for 7 years and 9 months.

Jim Beam have a second distillery in Kentucky, on Boston Road, and this facility is now named after the late Booker Noe, who died in 2004.

62.6% / 125.2 US PROOF
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