Cascahuín 11 Brix Blanco Tequila 750ml

SKU: 718783000376
Cascahuín 11 Brix Blanco Tequila 750ml
Cascahuín 11 Brix Blanco Tequila 750ml

Cascahuín 11 Brix Blanco Tequila 750ml

SKU: 718783000376
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Cascahuin 11 Brix Tequila is a 2022 special release that was followed by the coveted Aniversario and the Cerro de Luz releases.

11 Brix highlights (and celebrates) the most important part of tequila production: Fermentation. The expression’s emphasis on this step in the production process is what initially drew me in. 

This tequila started out as the Cascahuin we all know and love: agaves from the valley, cooked in brick ovens, and then milled with a roller mill. When it came time for fermentation, maestro tequilero and owner Salvador “Chava” Rosales divided the cooked agave into the three fermenting tanks used at Cascahuin distillery: stainless steel, cement, and wooden. 

After fermentation, each Mosto (the fermented agave juice in the tanks) contained 11 brix, which is a measurement of sugar levels. Hence, the name of the tequila is not a derivative of the brix of the agave- which would be much higher than 11- but rather, the fermented agave juice is where it gets its name from. 


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