Cinco Sentidos Papalote Mezcal (Cooper’s Escape Horus)

Cinco Sentidos Papalote Mezcal (Cooper’s Escape Horus)

Cinco Sentidos Papalote Mezcal (Cooper’s Escape Horus)

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La Coleccion Guerrero 

46.7% ABV 

This Batch Papalote was Distilled by First Generation fabriquero Benigno Sanchez Gatica in the village of El Peral, Guerrero Benigno acquired wild-harvested agave Cupreata (colloquially referred to as Papalote) from the region, and subsequently roasted the agave in a rock-lined underground oven with yellow oak firewood and palm leaves for approximately seven days. The cooked agave was then mashed with a mechanical shredder, and then heaped into “ayacahuite” pine tanks where it was allowed to ferment with water spring water for nine days. Once fermentation was deemed to be complete, Benigno double-distilled the mash in his pair of copper stills. Blended with heads, hearts and tails by Don Benigno. 160 liters produced in March 2016 and subsequently rested for five years in glass demijohns. All 150 bottles of this batch that were exported to the US were bottled for our friend at EL Cerrito Liquor in April 2022.

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