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Clairin Le Rocher Pignon Haiti Rhum 750ml

Clairin Le Rocher Pignon Haiti Rhum 750ml

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Produced in the town of Pignon in Haiti's Department Nord, the unusual Le Rocher Clairin is produced from sugarcane syrup that's heated to stabilize and allow for storage of the fresh juices for up to one year. The spent lees of the previous batch is introduced to encouraging consistent and intense fermentation. Distilled on a hand built pot still to proof of 46.5% alcohol by volume, Le Rocher is one of the most complex and intense of all Haiti's magnificent Clairins. The use of dunder during the process offers incredible amounts of complexity and powerful ester driven tropical fruit. Le Rocher was built by Master Distiller Bethel Romelus on a rocky out cropping. The man, who is deeply religious, quotes Matthew 7: 24-27 to explain his choice of location, "the foolish man builds the house on the sand and instead the wise man builds it on the rock".

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