Elijah Craig 21 Year Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Elijah Craig 21 Year Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Elijah Craig 21 Year Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon

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A 21 year old single barrel release from Elijah Craig. The barrel used was hand-selected by father and son master distillers Parker and Craig Beam. It's rare to see a bourbon bottled at this age, especially a single barrel offering.

Described as the perfect age for a sipping bourbon, the 21 years in aging for Elijah Craig 21 Year Old Single Barrel Bourbon has certainly produced an outstanding product. This remarkable bourbon is packed full of flavor and lacks the extra woody tones you may expect from over 20 years in the barrel. Instead you receive a perfect balance of oak with a subtle, smooth burn. If you appreciate a truly complex, mature bourbon, with a full, thick and syrupy presence, this is one you must add to your collection.

Nose - On the first quick whiff you get a light scent of cereal. Taking a long deep breath pulls out a luscious smell of raisins and dried fruit. Subtle hints of allspice dance in the background but this bourbon knows what it’s doing. There are no harsh alcohol smells at all. This is bourbon that’s sat around for a while and when it came out of the barrel, it came out with an air of dignity to it. Elijah Craig 21 Year (EC 21) isn’t the young guy in the room who wants to pummel your nose with a non-stop bombardment of smells. No, this is a bourbon that knows it’s good, and only after spending time with it will you start to appreciate the subtleness it holds.

However, adding 5-6 drops of water to this bourbon instantly brings out additional smells. Lush deep smells of maraschino cherries, vanilla, and a hint of caramel and raisins come rushing at you. I couldn’t stop smelling this bourbon after adding water. I could have sat all night just inhaling that deep intoxicating smell.

Palate - On first sip you get a long oaky palate upfront. Not as sweet as the nose would lead you to believe, but you definitely pick up light hints of dandelion, aged tobacco, and wood. It just lingers in your mouth for so long that you sit there savoring each sip. Again, adding a few drops totally changes that flavor profile. You’re treated to a flavor of spicy cinnamon, peaches, cherries, light honey & vanilla. And the best part is that palate flavor lasted just as long upfront.

Finish - EC 21 hangs around on your taste buds for dear life as this finish just lasts and lasts and lasts. Just when you thought it’s done, it rears right back at you with a lingering woody taste still, but added to it is subtle hints of allspice and nut.

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