Gusto Historico Ignacio Juárez Coyote 51.7% abv 750ML

SKU: 7503037003561
Gusto Historico Ignacio Juárez Coyote 51.7% abv 750ML

Gusto Historico Ignacio Juárez Coyote 51.7% abv 750ML

SKU: 7503037003561
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Introducing the Gusto Historico Ignacio Juárez Coyote, a mezcal that embodies the essence of tradition and craftsmanship. Named after Ignacio Juárez, a renowned mezcalero from Miahuatlan, Oaxaca, this mezcal showcases the distinct character of the Agave Coyote.

The production process begins with carefully selecting mature Agave Coyote plants, known for their unique flavors and characteristics. Next, these agaves are harvested and cooked in an earthen pit, a traditional method that imparts smoky and earthy notes to the spirit. After cooking, the agaves are crushed using a tahona, a large stone wheel, to extract their juices and fibers, allowing for a fuller flavor expression.

The extracted agave juice undergoes a natural fermentation process in the open air, allowing wild yeasts to interact with the sugars and create complex and distinctive aromas. The fermentation is fueled by the pure spring water of the region, adding a touch of terroir to the mezcal.

Distillation occurs in a refescadera, a traditional alembic still commonly used in mezcal production. This traditional distillation method preserves the unique flavors and characteristics of the agaves, resulting in a mezcal that truly reflects its origins.

Tasting Notes

The Gusto Historico Ignacio Juárez Coyote agave spirit offers a unique and captivating flavor. Here are some tasting notes to give you an idea of its characteristics:

  • Appearance: The agave spirit has a golden hue, reflecting its quality and maturity.
  • Aroma: Upon nosing, you'll be greeted with enticing aromas of smoky earthiness reminiscent of the traditional earthen pit cooking process. Notes of roasted agave and hints of caramel may also be present, adding depth to the bouquet.
  • Taste: As you take your first sip, you'll experience a harmonious blend of flavors. The smokiness continues on the palate, intertwining with the natural sweetness of the Agave Coyote. Rich, earthy tones complemented by subtle hints of spice may emerge, offering a complex and satisfying taste profile.
  • Finish: The finish is long and lingering, leaving a delightful warmth on the palate. The smoky notes gradually dissipate, giving way to a subtle sweetness that lingers pleasantly.

Overall, the Gusto Historico Ignacio Juárez Coyote agave spirit presents a balanced and well-rounded flavor profile, showcasing the unique characteristics of the Agave Coyote. Its smoky and earthy undertones and natural sweetness make for an intriguing and memorable tasting experience.

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