Gusto Historico Saturnino Juárez Espadín 750ML

SKU: 7503037003745
Gusto Historico Saturnino Juárez Espadín 750ML

Gusto Historico Saturnino Juárez Espadín 750ML

SKU: 7503037003745
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Introducing the Gusto Historico Saturnino Juárez Espadín, a remarkable agave spirit that exemplifies Gusto Histórico's commitment to bringing unique destilados de agave y mezcales tradicionales to the market. Founded by one of the renowned Oaxacan mezcaleria Mezcaloteca co-founders, Gusto Histórico collaborates with exceptional producers while prioritizing preserving traditional production methods and practices.

Mezcalero Saturnino Juárez, also known as "Santos," is a hardworking individual deeply connected to the land. In addition to cultivating maguey, Santos cultivates a variety of other crops, including corn, beans, squash, and fruits such as mangoes, pomegranates, mamey, noni, papaya (Cactus fruit), and more. His land, located on the edge of the Tuxcacuesco River, the Neovolcanic Axis, and the Sierra de Manantlán, enjoys a privileged geography.

Santos employs black stone rocks as fermentation vats, lending his mezcals a distinctive mineral touch. This unique approach infuses the agave spirit with a particular character, showcasing the influence of the terroir and the traditional methods passed down through generations.

Indulge in the Gusto Historico Saturnino Juárez Espadín, an extraordinary agave spirit that captures the essence of Santos' dedication to his craft and the richness of the land. Experience the authentic flavors and the distinct mineral touch that sets this mezcal apart, reflecting the traditions and geography of its origin.

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