Tepanal Ancestral Tobalá 750ML

Tepanal Ancestral Tobalá 750ML

Tepanal Ancestral Tobalá 750ML

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Tepanal Ancestral Tobalá 750ML - Rafael "Rafa" Garcia Aragon is a first-generation master distiller who has devoted his career to creating authentic mezcal.

His family brand, Tepanal, takes its name from the Nahuatl word "Tepanaltepec," meaning "hill of honeycombs." This was the historical name for Santa Maria Sola from the 16th century during the Spanish conquest until 1915. The brand is a tribute to the community's heritage and tradition of extracting honey, which was an important activity for the residents of Tepanaltepec.

  • Agave: Tobalá (A. potatorum or A. seemanniana)
  • Master distiller: Rafael García Aragon
  • Village: Santa María Sola de Vega, Oaxaca
  • Roasting: three days in a conical underground oven
  • Mill: wood chipper
  • Fermentation: 3 - 5 days in canoes made from Montezuma Cypress wood
  • Yeast: naturally present in the air, ground, water, and fermenting canoe’s wood
  • Water: natural spring
  • Distillation: double distillations using clay pots and slow-cooking fire
  • Distillation date: month of April 2021
  • Lot: TO21001
  • Liters: 135
  • Bottles: 180
  • ABV: 50%
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