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El Cerrito Liquor

Yeyo Tequila Blanco 750ml

Yeyo Tequila Blanco 750ml

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The perfect Tequila.

It's what drives the folks at Yéyo. It's what makes them strive for perfection, keeps them laser-focused on their quest to discover the best. Naturally, they are searching in the right place ― Jalisco, Mexico ― the cradle of the famous Mexican Spirit. With 3 generations of tequilerosto back them up, the task is at least a little bit easier. The volcanic soil and just the right amount of rain that hits the small town of Arandas is just right. It's where the best blue agaves are grown, ready to be harvested and distilled into an elixir worthy of the gods.

"Harvest. Roast. Serenade. Refine. Sip. Repeat."It's the mantra of true tequilery and one Yéyo has taken to heart. Tradition is the name of the game, as there are no chemicals, pesticides, or additives used ― nothing to get in the way. The agaves are slowly roasted for 3 days in brick ovens, extracting those sweet and earthy flavors. But why not take the extra mile? They play Mozart to the organisms during the 200 hoursthey are fermenting away. After their private listening session, the pulp gets double distilled in copper-pot stills, creating the fruity, floral, and rich Tequila that's tailor-made to delight. 

Appearance / Color
Deep auburn

Nose / Aroma / Smell
Citrus dominates the fresh nose with lemon and orange zest, along with roasted agave and a delicate floral note.

Flavor / Taste / Palate
It's a citrusy palate as well. Then there are the green, grassy, and herbal notes, with a wisp of smoke to round it all off.

Finishes crisp, pure, and bright, with lingering orange. 

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