Collection: Castle & Key

Castle & Key, a brand steeped in heritage and innovation, traces its roots back to the late 19th century. Originally established as the Old Taylor Distillery in 1887 by Colonel E.H. Taylor Jr., a prominent figure in bourbon history, the distillery quickly gained renown for its exceptional craftsmanship and commitment to quality.

Over the decades, the Old Taylor Distillery became an iconic landmark in the Kentucky countryside, its distinctive castle-like architecture standing as a testament to the enduring legacy of bourbon making in America. However, like many historic distilleries, it faced periods of decline and neglect.

In the early 21st century, a vision emerged to breathe new life into this venerable institution. With a passion for tradition and a drive for innovation, a team of dedicated individuals embarked on a journey to revitalize the distillery and restore it to its former glory.

After years of meticulous restoration and modernization efforts, Castle & Key was born. Paying homage to its rich history while embracing the future, Castle & Key stands as a symbol of resilience and reinvention in the bourbon industry.

Today, Castle & Key continues to honor the time-honored traditions of bourbon making while pushing the boundaries of innovation. With a commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability, Castle & Key proudly produces some of the finest spirits in the world, inviting enthusiasts to savor the taste of history with every sip.