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Bushwood Stillwater Rye, 6 Year: Single Barrel, Straight Low Rye Whiskey

Bushwood Stillwater Rye, 6 Year: Single Barrel, Straight Low Rye Whiskey

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Stillwater Rye, 6 Year: Single Barrel, Straight Low Rye Whiskey

Inspired by our love for the Monterey Peninsula, and the unrivaled beauty of Stillwater Cove, we crafted our Stillwater Rye offering to celebrate the home of one of the greatest golf experiences in the world. Stillwater Rye evokes passion from rye drinkers and non-rye drinkers alike. The balanced layering of rye and corn provides the best of rye whisky with the best of bourbon. A rare mash bill in the rye category, and one which will reinvigorate your expectations of this classic spirit.

  • Inaugural Release
  • Single Barrel
  • Crafted & Bottled by Bushwood Spirits, Stanford, Kentucky
  • Premium Straight Rye Whiskey
  • 47.5% ALC / VOL
  • 95 PROOF
  • 750 ML
Mash Bill: 51%, Rye, 45% Corn, 4% Malted Barley

Tasting Notes:

Appearance:  Stillwater is a Straight Rye, aged 6 years in charred American Oak casks. The color is a rich and brilliant medium amber mahogany, with a flame orange glint and clarity reflective of its warm and aromatic texture.
Palate:  At 6 years, Stillwater Rye is reminiscent of much more mature whiskeys, and the palate speaks of a journey of the heart and mind. You will find a deep measure of wisdom with every sip. The finish is long and smooth, with notes of candied citrus and tropical fruit. Medium body with a silky viscous mouth feel. 
Nose:  The nose on this amber-colored gem to be loaded with caramelized apples, finely ground nutmeg, and just the right amount of rye. Perfect contrasts of sweet and spicy. To borrow a famous descriptive phrase, Stillwater Rye “floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee.”
Finish:  We finish long and smooth with candied citrus and tropical fruit.
Perfect enjoyed neat, but your favorite golf ball shaped cube will add a nice chill to it. Your Manhattan’s and Old Fashioned’s will be jealous, so you can share the love with them as well.
drink responsibly.
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