Glenmorangie A Tale Of The Forest Scotch Whisky 750ml

SKU: 071753837372
Glenmorangie A Tale Of The Forest Scotch Whisky 750ml

Glenmorangie A Tale Of The Forest Scotch Whisky 750ml

SKU: 071753837372
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A tale of the forest is Glenmorangie’s first whisky crafted from barley kilned with woodland botanicals.

This is a Glenmorangie as lush and leafy as the forest itself. With aromas of pine needles, woodland moss, juniper’s sharpness, and tastes of eucalyptus, mint, bitter orange and distant smoke, this limited edition is a whisky to surround, delight and surprise you, whether you enjoy it deep in a forest or in cocktails at home.


We brought back an ancient method of kilning barley with botanicals. Some years ago, while walking in the woods, our Master Distiller Dr Bill Lumsden recalled how ancient Highland whisky makers dried their barley with all kinds of forest fuel. He began experimenting by kilning his barley with many different botanicals, finally selecting juniper berries, birch bark and heather flowers, married with a little peat. The result was a batch of spirit with rare aromas of pine needles and juniper, laced with wisps of smoke. He then aged it in bourbon casks including many refill casks, chosen to allow the spirit’s flavours to shine.


Forest-like depth of taste and aroma, commencing with a bouquet of pine, juniper and coriander, along with roasted chestnut and an intriguing whisper of smoke.


Flavour explodes in the mouth. Whirls of peppermint. Bursts of eucalyptus. Rustles of bitter orange. All floating on clouds of vanilla with intriguing hints of black liquorice.


It concludes with a slow and luscious finish featuring lemon, orange and a soft hint of oak.


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